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Why You Should Integrate Voice Search Into Mobile Apps


The use of voice search is getting more common as it can now be integrated into various devices. New developments in technology have changed the way people search the internet. In 2020, 50% of all searches were voice-based. According to Semrush, one billion voice searches are done per month. Voice search technology is changing the way consumers search the internet.


There has been a significant increase in voice technologies that promote seamless communication and convenience to customers. Implementing voice search technologies in mobile applications can help businesses streamline their processes. App users can quickly search for what they are looking for. Enhancing user experience is one main advantage of incorporating voice search technology.


Hence, it is important now to incorporate voice search technology to stay ahead of the competition. Voice search is also changing the way consumers interact with their devices. In this article, we will look at why voice search is important for your mobile app. 


Voice Search Vs Text Search


The main difference between voice search and text search is how users search. For voice search, users use a natural language when looking for any information. They will use long-tailed keywords which are question-based. 


On the other hand text search is often short and the search engine suggests more options the users can choose from. 


Here are some benefits of adding voice search


Benefits of Adding Voice Search


Seamless user experience


With voice search users can use their speech instead of typing in the search bar. This gives faster results than typing on their mobile devices. Creating an app with voice search technology is a great way to enhance user experience. Using voice search can give users faster results which can make for a seamless app experience.


Enjoyable user interactions


Voice search can provide users with a faster way to communicate their queries and get speedy results. Many users find voice search very helpful and enjoy using it while iterating with the app.


Artificial intelligence


Voice search can be compatible with artificial intelligence. This can unlock many advanced options for your mobile app. Adding voice search can make the user’s experience seamless and interactive. 


Why You Should Integrate Voice Search Into Mobile Apps


Voice search technology is improving


Voice search technology is improving day by day. There are new advances in this technology and integration with AI enables it to learn and improve on its own. Growing number of businesses are adopting voice search because of all its benefits that can contribute to the success of an app. 


Voice search is getting more common


Voice search is faster than traditional search as users do not have to type their search queries. Users find voice search easy to use and get speedy results. It is becoming more common for users to use voice search. According to Google, 52% of Americans use their voice-activated devices in their living rooms. Moreover, 72% of people who use voice search devices say that it has become a part of their daily routine. 


This technology will keep improving and more and more people will turn to voice search. Voice search has changed the way people search for information and the way people interact with their devices. 


It is convenient


This technology is convenient and enables users to interact with the app if their hands are full, for example while driving. It is also accessible for people who have difficulty using the traditional app interfaces. This feature can be very useful for people with impairments or older adults. 


Voice search can enhance user experience and encourage users to interact with your app.


It is multilingual


Voice search technology is multilingual and you can add different languages to your app. Voice search can show information in the user’s native language which can help them understand it better. This is another way voice search can enhance user experience. 


It improves customer satisfaction


More people are now using voice search as it is an effective way of getting information. Adding voice search to your app can encourage people to interact with your app. This can lead to customer fulfillment and retention. 


Moreover, if you want to attract new customers to your app or improve search engine ranking then adding voice search to your app can help.


Improved customer engagement


Voice search has made life easier for consumers. With a few voice commands consumers can place an order for a product they need. This is just an example of how voice search has transformed the way customers interact with their devices. Adding voice search to your app can improve customer engagement. When your app is easy and accessible to use, consumers would want to engage with it more often. 


Integrating voice search into your mobile app is not a complex process anymore. With the advancements in technology this has become more easier. Voice search is a great way for businesses to enable their customers to interact with their app in a fun and engaging way. Since most customers are already relying on voice search technology in their daily lives, integrating this with your app can encourage users to interact with it more often.


This technology is evolving rapidly. Voice search is not just the trend but an important part of future technology. According to insightSLICE, the global AI-based and voice recognition market will be worth $27.3 billion in 2030. Businesses are embracing voice search technology to stay ahead of the competition. Incorporating voice search into mobile applications can provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for both customers and the business. 

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