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What Are Push Notifications? Why Are They Important For Your App?


Push notifications are a great marketing tool for businesses with an app. There are 2.7 billion smartphone users, and 90% of the total mobile time is spent on apps. This is an opportunity for businesses to ensure that their users are engaging with the app frequently. Users may download your app, but that does not mean that they are engaging with it. Some may even uninstall it after using it a few times. 


With push notifications you can increase app usage, boost engagement and influence conversions. If you are developing a mobile app, then you will need a push notification strategy in place to encourage users to continue using the app. In this article, we will discuss what is push notification strategy and why it is so important for your app. 


What is a Push Notification?


Push notifications are text or rich media messages that are delivered to the user’s mobile device. These messages are superior to emails and other forms of communication as they are sent straight to the user’s device. This ensures that the user will see your message the next time they check their mobile device or tablet. 


According to Business of Apps, the overall push notification opt-in rate is 60%. Push notifications can encourage users to take certain actions that you want them to take. 


Types of Push Notifications


Here are some push notifications types which businesses use for their apps.


Informative notifications


These push notifications provide important information on any updates, activities on the account or any changes. They are also used as reminders to encourage users to take certain actions. The purpose of these notifications is to update users about important changes in the app.


Geolocation notifications


Location-based notifications send users information relevant to their location. These notifications can inform users about nearby events, restaurants and stores in the area or weather updates. Such notifications create a great user experience.


Promotional notifications


A promotional push notification gives users an update about any ongoing promotions, discounts or offers. For example, if you add a new feature on your app and you are offering a free trial of it, you can notify the user to encourage them to try it. 


Recurring notification


This notification is a regular communication a user receives. This can be any daily, weekly, or monthly reminders. Apps can enable users to set up any regular notifications related to their usage. 


Transactional notifications


These notifications send users updates on their shopping journey. It could be about the purchase if the order is processed or shipped. Or reminding users to make payments of certain bills. It can ask users to update any information like credit card details.


Why use Push Notifications?


Increase user retention


Push notifications can change the way users interact with a mobile app. These notifications encourage users to interact with your app. It is a reminder for them to keep engaging with the app frequently. This can help increase user retention. 


With push notifications you can personalize these messages to resonate with your target audience. Audience will more likely respond to relevant messages that are useful for them. While creating your push notifications strategy, take your audience into consideration to customize messages for them. 


Providing timely updates


Push notifications are useful when the users need reminders or updates. These updates can be any new information about your app, or it can also be related to the user’s account. People like receiving notifications informing them about any progress or updates on their app. For example, a notification they receive about their order being shipped. 


Enhance user experience


Push notifications can enhance user experience by delivering personalized and relevant updates that users find useful. If you provide the valuable information they need, it makes their experience with your app better. This helps users interact with your app in a better way.


Boost conversion rates


When users interact and engage with your app daily, they are more likely to invest in it. They will be eager to try any new updates and features in your app. They will make in-app purchases. This will help you achieve more conversions and increase your ROI. Moreover, the right messages can encourage users to take action which leads to conversion. 


It builds trust


Push notifications need the approval from your users to show up on their devices. If your messages are not targeted or customized as per their needs they may not give you permission to send them. However, users will like to receive notifications that are useful to them. 


Using push notifications appropriately would enable users to trust your app and keep interacting with it.


Push notifications when used strategically can help your users better engage with your mobile app. The important aspect of building a push notification strategy is to understand your target users. You can also segment your users in different categories to send them the right messages. For example, the messages for new and existing users will not be the same message. You will need to segment your users to be more relevant to them. 


Moreover, going overboard with the push notifications can hamper user experience. Sending too many notifications will only force the user to disable them. Hence, think of the appropriate times you want to send these notifications. 


The best way to know that you are on the right track is to test your notifications. Run A/B testing to analyze which messages work for your users. This is a great way to create a successful push notification strategy. 


If you are developing a mobile app then you will need push notifications to keep your users engaged. Push notifications are powerful tools to improve engagement, retention and help your app grow. 


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