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How To Write The Perfect App Store Descriptions?


The app description plays a key role in getting the attention of your target users. It tells the users more about your app. This is one of the important elements that encourage users to download your mobile application. If you are getting ready to launch your app or if you already have an app on the app store, then you need a good app description that can introduce your app to the users.


App description does not impact App Store ranking, but it is essential to tell your audiences more about your app. It can influence their decision to download your app. In this article, we will cover some best practices that will help you write a great app store description for your mobile app.


Here are some pointers that can be useful when you write your app description.


Keep it concise


Focus on writing a description that is clear and concise. There is a character limit when it comes to writing your description in both App Store and Google Play Store. This limit ensures that you give a concise description about your by highlighting important features. Short and clear descriptions make it easy for your users to read it.


Before writing your description, assess all the key points that highlight the important features of your mobile app. Think about all the aspects of your app that solves the problems of your target users. Mentioning these points in a clear and concise manner can give your target users a good understanding of your mobile app.


First few sentences are important


When you write your description remember to carefully craft the first couple of sentences that grabs the attention of your users. Based on these few glimpses the user will click on ‘more’ to read the rest of your description. Every word in the first few sentences counts as this is visible to your users.


These initial lines should appeal to your audiences and make them curious to read the entire description. Hence, take time and think about your appealing offer or solutions that you can mention in these sentences.


Include relevant information


Along with highlighting all the features and solutions your app offers, you also need to include other important information that users need to know. This information can be about in-app purchase, subscription, free trials, renewal, or cancellation, privacy policy and more.


Your app must include all the necessary information that the users need as they interact with your app. Users appreciate all these relevant details about payment and subscriptions upfront. For example, if your app is free for download but the key features are not, you need to mention that in the description. Otherwise, the user assumes that the app is free for use, which can later be disappointing and lead the user to delete your app. With all the required information about your app the user can trust your app, which encourages them to use it.


Don’t add unnecessary keywords


Do not load your description with keywords in an attempt to rank better in search results. A description does not have an impact on your rankings, hence adding too many keywords is not helpful. Keep your content relevant and balanced. Moreover, adding unnecessary keywords that don’t fit well with the rest of your content, can only make it difficult for your users to read.


Add accolades toward the end


If you have any awards or accolades you need to mention, add it toward the end of your description. Mentioning this can help build trust and credibility among your target users. This is a great way to show users that your app can be trusted.


Update the description


Update your app’s description when you submit a new version of your app. You can share information about new updates and features to help your users understand the new version better.


Run A/B Testing


A/B testing is a great way to test various aspects of your app. You can run A/B testing for description to assess what appeals to your users. Create a few versions of your description and test which is the most successful one with your users. You can test if the description is too long or too short, or if you need to adjust the text. You can make improvements to the description as you test it.


Think like a consumer


When writing your description, think about your target users and how they would engage with it. As a user what is the information you would want to see about your app? Which details can be helpful in understanding the app better? Incorporate all these insights into your app description. This way you create a description that is useful to your users.


You can also take a look at your competitor’s description, to get more ideas. This can help you see what information is relevant to your audiences, and you can provide that in the description.


There are so many apps on the market. Audiences have many options to choose from. To ensure that your target users download your app you need to get their attention. One way to do this is by writing a great description. Description is important for your app’s success as it can encourage your users to try the app. Incorporate the tips mentioned above to write a description that appeals to your audiences. Your app description plays a key role in getting the users to engage with your app, hence focus on writing a good one.

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